Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Journal Page: Blue Hair

I have always wanted to dye my hair a non-standard color. When I was younger, I didn't dare- my mom would have killed me. After that, I wanted to be seen as a mature adult, and blue or purple hair didn't really fit in with that (or so I thought at the time). Then I felt like I was too old for such things. But now, at 37, I really don't care what anyone else thinks. It makes me happy and doesn't hurt anyone, so why not?

I only did a few inches at the ends, in case I hated it or got tired of it. I could just get a haircut and it'd be gone. But I love it and am so glad I did it!

The pictures on this page came from the instructions for the hair dye. (The rest of the instructions were used on the bottom layer under the paint.) There's also a picture of me. It's a little dark and hard to see the blue, but I know it's there!


  1. Good for you! You go girl! I love your art too.

  2. cool page, love the blue hair too!

  3. Way to go! It's only hair, after all :)