Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Sun pages 12 & 13

Pages 12 & 13 in my In the Sun art journal were not done following one of Natalie's prompts.  I just had some stuff I wanted to include.  These pages have a more "scrapbook-ish" look to them than the rest of the journal, but I'm okay with that.  I'm mostly just trying to make sure that each set of facing pages look okay together.

I've been attending the library's summer reading program, and each of these pages documents one of the meetings so far. My parents are attending as well, so I was able to get some pictures of them to use on these pages.

On June 12th, we made handmade paper, which was cool because I've always wanted to try it, but it seemed like a huge mess and a lot of trouble to go to for me to do it probably only once.

One June 19th, we made quilted bookmarks.  I knew I would never use mine as a bookmark (I like my bookmarks to be flat so the book will close), so I decided to put it in the journal as well.  I wanted it to be removable, so it's just tucked under the label.  I'll probably take it out until I'm through with the journal so that the pages will lie flat while I'm working on them.  At that point, it may get permanently glued in, but I haven't decided yet. 


Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the Sun pages 10 & 11

Yesterday's prompt was "Routine" and there was also a fun background technique that let me use some of my stash of washi tape.  I love washi tape, but since I don't have a lot of money to spend on art & craft supplies, I tend to use my tapes very sparingly.  So it was great to have an excuse to use them on this page.
You probably can't read it, but on the magazine page strips, I've written my basic daily routine.

For page 11, it wasn't really a prompt, but Natalie said something about doing an extra page about improving your schedule, and I really liked that idea.  To tie the two pages together, I used the same supplies. (More washi tape- yay!)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

In the Sun pages 8 and 9

Page 8- Yesterday's prompt was about something you are at heart, something that will never change.  I decided to admit to my band geekery (geekishness?  I like geekery better!).

Can I just say that I love the fact that I am using my stash this summer!  I have had the trumpet and note die cuts I used on this page since I started scrapbooking fifteen years ago!  They've survived several stash purges and I am so glad I've finally found a place for them.  Of course there is more where they came from, but I have new hope that I will use them or find someone who will.  Anyway, here's the page:

Page 9- The prompt for today was the song and video of  "Holiday" by Vampire Weekend.  I'm pretty sure I've heard the song before, but it isn't one I'm real familiar with.  I do like the lyrics, especially the line " To go away on a summer's day never seemed so clear."

Since this page faces the previous one, I used some of the sheet music I used on yesterday's page to tie it together, and wrote out the lyrics.  I also wrote the line I particularly liked on a picture from a catalog that I thought went well with the song.

ICAD 18 - 21

Here are my most recent index cards for Index Card A Day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Sun page 7: At the end of the Summer...

I feel like I cheated a bit on this one, but I'm okay with that.  The main thing I want at the end of summer is lots and lots of photos.  So what I did was find a Summer Photo Checklist.  The one I used is from Simple As That and can be found here.  I printed it at 4x6, but it's normally a full sheet size.  I probably won't take most of the photos on the list, but I thought it represented what I want for the summer.

I didn't use the technique for the prompt, even though I like the idea. Maybe another time.

The label says:  "At the end of the summer... I want to be in the habit of taking photos every day."

Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Sun page 6

Today's prompt for In the Sun was "Today I Wish..." as well as a technique prompt for coloring image transfers with pastels.  The only thing I could think of for the Today I Wish... part was that I wished the migraine I've had for the past day would go away.  I didn't really think that would make for an interesting page, but I figured it would work.

I found an interesting picture in a magazine of a woman with her hand at (or near) her temple.  I decided to use this to try an image transfer.  I didn't have any gel medium, but I remembered reading somewhere that it could be done with Mod Podge.  What I actually used was Collage Pauge. I didn't want to do it directly into my journal due to the thinness of the pages, so I used a piece of white card stock.  I think it worked out okay.  There are places that I could have rubbed off more of the paper, but I decided to leave some of it.  I also tore around the picture while the card stock was wet to add to the distressed look.  After all that, I realized that there wasn't really anything I wanted to color, so I suppose I'll save that part of the prompt for another time.

The tag reads "Today, I wish this migraine would go away!" 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

In the Sun summer art journal

This summer, I'm participating in Natalie Malik's  summer art journal class called In the Sun.  I read all the prompts from last summer, but I was a bit intimidated with the art journal thing at the time.

I'm really trying to use up some of my stash.  I have tons of paper scraps, ephemera, stickers, scrapbook paper, and various other crafty things.  My collection is almost out of control.  (I'm sure my husband would say it's very much past that point!) The notebook I am using has really thin paper, so I'm not using much paint, at least not directly into the book.

What I really want to get out of this class is to put more of myself into my pages.  To be honest, my art journal is more of a technique book than a journal.  I find it really difficult to write about myself.  I don't think my life is all that interesting, so it's hard for me to come up with something to write about.  I'm hoping that, with the prompts for the class, I will get used to including more "me" in my pages and be able to continue doing that after the class is over.

Here are my pages so far!

Index Card a Day

I am currently participating in Daisy Yellow's ICAD challenge, where every day you have to create something on an index card.  Here are my cards for the last week.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Blog Post

I have finally decided to start a blog!  I've thought about it for quite a while, and decided to just go for it.  I plan to write mostly about my crafty endeavors, but we'll see what happens!  At the moment, I've named it Carmen's Creations, but I think that's a pretty cheesy name so it may change.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself.  My name is Carmen, and I'm 35.  I'm married, no kids but I do have a spoiled rat terrier named Annabelle Dangermouse who is 7 years old.

I enjoy many different crafts, but what I do most of is an art journaling/ mixed media type of thing. 

I think I'll wrap this post up with a picture of Annabelle.  I'm doing project 365, where you take a photo every day.  I decided to have a theme, and I take a picture of my dog every day, which is harder than it sounds as she is uncooperative most days.  So a lot of the pictures are not so great, but occasionally, I get a really good one.  This is one of my favorites.

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you'll enjoy my blog once I really get it going!