Sunday, November 2, 2014

Still Alive!

I've barely posted anything all year, but here I am! I'm going to be participating in Art Every Day Month so I thought I should dust off my blog and get posting.
I'm a little late, but here is what I made yesterday (November 1st). It's a Rainbow Loom Granny Square key chain. I don't really think it qualifies as art but it works for me. I made it using this tutorial by feelingspiffy on youtube. She has a lot of awesome Rainbow Loom tutorials so check her out if you're interested. If you aren't familiar with the Rainbow Loom, it's a loom that is used to weave together small colored rubber bands (about the size of a dime) into bracelets and other items. 
The granny square is made without the loom- you only use the hook, which is basically a crochet hook. It might look big in the picture, but it's only about 2 1/4 inches square. The tutorial makes a bigger granny square, but since this was going to be a key chain, I stopped here.

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