Saturday, June 1, 2013

ICAD 2013 #1

It's that time of year again! Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day Challenge! Click here for all the info, but basically, you art on an index card every day during June and July.

This year, I'm cheating a little. Instead of using index cards, I'm using rolodex cards. I love the idea of having a rolodex of art on my desk to flip through whenever the mood strikes. My only problem so far is that the cards that came with my rolodex are very thin, barely thicker than regular copy paper. I'm a little worried about painting on them. I could make my own out of heavier paper or card stock, but the notches are a pain to cut. I ordered a punch for that this morning, but it won't be here for at least a week. So for now, I guess I'll stick to pens and markers.

My first card was done with Sakura Glaze pens. (Even they warped the thin card.) Nothing too fancy, but I like it.

I also started on a card to be in front, sort of a divider card to separate the ICAD's from any others I make or swap. I'm making it out of cereal box card board so it will be quite a bit sturdier than the other cards. I've only just cut the shape out and I'm not really sure how I'll decorate it yet.

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