Sunday, November 30, 2014

AEDM #30

While I've enjoyed Art Every Day Month, I'm so glad that today is the last day. I've got a horrible cold and just really haven't felt well this past week.

Today, I finished the bulletin board that I was working on earlier in the week. The tree is made up of hands which each has a name of someone who attended Sunday School. There's also red and silver glitter where the fingernails would be, The ornaments around the tree are from a website called Bible Story Printables  -click here to go there. They have the names of Jesus on them. I printed them at half size. They were originally going on the tree, but that would have left big open spaces to either side of the tree, so I went with this. I may end up doing one more row of hands for the bottom row for anyone who didn't attend this week (and because I don't like the blank space at the bottom). Or I may just put a brown trunk at the bottom if there's no new names that need to go on there.

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