Thursday, January 1, 2015

Flowerpocalypse 1/365

Happy New Year! In 2015, I'm doing a project where I'll be making something every day that is or has a flower. This might be a 3-D paper flower, a rubber stamped flower on a card, a painting, a doodle, or anything else I come up with! I've been thinking of it as flowerpocalypse, but it's probably better to call it flower a day or something like that.

I probably won't post to this blog every day- maybe only once a week, but I do plan to post to my Facebook page every day. Click here to visit my Facebook page.

Here is my first flower of the year! It's a paper flower. I've been making these for years, so I don't remember where I originally got the instructions. There are similar tutorials all over the internet if you want to make your own. The paper is the inside of an envelope from a Christmas card I received, and I thought it was too pretty to just throw away. I've made stems for this type of flower before, but this one is just the flower.

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