Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekly Update

Well, this last week has gone by pretty fast! I feel like I was out running errands all week. But I did manage to get some crafting done.

Flowerpocalypse Update: Still going strong! Don't forget to visit my Facebook page to see all of my daily flower projects. My favorite for the week is this purple gerbera daisy designed by Lia Griffith. You can get the instructions and templates by clicking here. Over the rest of the year, I think I might make a bunch of these in all sorts of colors. But then again,she has so many other flower tutorials I want to do. I have 346 days left so I can probably do them all!

In other crafty news: I've recently become obsessed with Perler Beads. If you aren't familiar with them, basically, you put them on a peg board in whatever pattern or picture you want, and iron them to melt the beads and fuse them together. I've seen some really elaborate works of art on Pinterest. I haven't really got the ironing part down yet - how much to melt them or whatever, but ironing has never been my strong suit. Here are my first tries:

 Aren't they cute? I have a ton more ideas, but each one of those beads are placed by hand so it can take a while.

I'm also doing the Documented Life Project again this year. This isn't a great picture, but here's this week's page:

It looks like I put the magazine cut out at an odd angle, but she was just standing funny in the picture, I think.

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