Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Sun page 6

Today's prompt for In the Sun was "Today I Wish..." as well as a technique prompt for coloring image transfers with pastels.  The only thing I could think of for the Today I Wish... part was that I wished the migraine I've had for the past day would go away.  I didn't really think that would make for an interesting page, but I figured it would work.

I found an interesting picture in a magazine of a woman with her hand at (or near) her temple.  I decided to use this to try an image transfer.  I didn't have any gel medium, but I remembered reading somewhere that it could be done with Mod Podge.  What I actually used was Collage Pauge. I didn't want to do it directly into my journal due to the thinness of the pages, so I used a piece of white card stock.  I think it worked out okay.  There are places that I could have rubbed off more of the paper, but I decided to leave some of it.  I also tore around the picture while the card stock was wet to add to the distressed look.  After all that, I realized that there wasn't really anything I wanted to color, so I suppose I'll save that part of the prompt for another time.

The tag reads "Today, I wish this migraine would go away!" 

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