Sunday, July 8, 2012

In the Sun 18-22

More In the Sun pages!

Page 18- Natalie had a project prompt for planning a summer party. I didn't make a Pintrest board, because I stay away from Pintrest unless I have several hours and I just didn't have the time today. The summer party I would like to have would be a backyard movie night- with popcorn and candy and sodas and s'mores. Too bad I don't have a backyard!


 Page 19- The Taste of Summer- I can't live without my Dr Pepper- no matter what time of year.


Page 20 & 21- Fireworks - I might journal on this later. The paper in my journal is very thin, only slightly thicker than newsprint, so I didn't really want to do too much paint splattering and accidentally mess up the whole book. What I did instead was use my watercolor crayons. I dipped them in water and shook them over the journal. That was kinda tiring, so I started just pressing the wet crayon lightly to the page. I like the look it gave me.

Page 22 - Treat Yo' Self- I have got to find ways to treat myself that don't involve food!

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