Monday, July 23, 2012

In the Sun 28-31

This week's In the Sun pages:

I'm not a fan of the background. Some of the mulberry paper I used was too dark. I'll probably try it again sometime.
The title looks better in person. It didn't photograph well.
I wanted to include the bands on these watches, but it just didn't look right, so I cut them out.
Security envelopes for a page about security.

The fifth prompt for the week was a craft prompt, which I didn't do, although I did find a project I want to do when I get the supplies. It's here. It's a tutorial for a faux braided bangle bracelet that looks really cute and simple to do. I don't have any bangles to use as I'm not a huge jewelry wearer but I think I'll try to make these sometime.

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  1. these are great pages! I started mine.. a little late I know... but better late than never! I am loving doing this album so far, and I've only done a few of the prompts so far! your pages are great! xo bonitarose