Thursday, February 28, 2013

Art Journal Page: Cave Painting

This page is called Cave Painting because that's what it reminds me of and I couldn't really think of anything else to call it. I welcome suggestions. It features my dog, Annabelle Dangermouse, who is a very spoiled, almost eight years old rat terrier.

I started this page by ripping a brown paper bag into squares, which I then crumpled into balls. I sprayed them with water and let them dry crumpled up. I'm not sure why I wet them. I may have read it on a blog or seen it in a tutorial video, but I really don't remember. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. The next day when I went to flatten them, the paper was very crispy. That's not really the word I mean, but it's close enough. I tried to flatten them a bit, by rubbing them on the edge of my desk like you do a dollar bill that won't go into a vending machine, but I didn't try real hard. I wanted to keep the texture.

I glued the squares onto my page, and using a make up sponge, I spread some gesso, mostly on the high spots, but on some of the lower spots too.

At this point, I thought it might look kinda cool with a silhouette in black.  My dog has very distinctive ears, so I thought I'd use her. There was a lot of empty space due to the width of her ears, so using q-tips, I painted some dots in various colors around the edges.

While I liked the dots, the silhouette looked funky, and not in a good way. I think the problem was that the picture I used as a guide for her head shape was taken from above instead of straight on. To make it look less like an alien, I painted her white stripe. Is it still called a blaze if it's not on a horse? Anyway, I like it much better now.

For comparison, although this is not the picture I used as a guide. There aren't very many pictures of Annabelle with her ears up because if she sees the camera, she runs or looks away.


  1. Great texture in the background & your dog is a real cutie! I think all little dogs should be spoilt. It's their doggie right!

  2. Hey this is great! What a process...and yes, the spraying of the bag is so that it won't rip when you are crumpling and so it crumples moreso! good instinct. your alien comment is hilarious. good art of your puppie. it is so cute! i love the gesso on the bag. very cool. and a happy PPF to you!!!