Friday, February 22, 2013

Art Journal page: Limited Edition

Here is my most recent art journal page. To do the background, I used masking tape to make a grid and used several colors of spray inks. The tape I used was cheapy stuff from the dollar store and it didn't stick down very well, but I rather like the look where the ink seeped under the tape. I drew in the grid lines with a black marker. The girl was drawn on a book page, painted with acrylic paint and outlined with Glaze pens. She was cut out, glued down, and outlined with black gelato. There's also some washi tape at the bottom, mostly because she looked weird without something to ground her. The words say "You are a perfect limited edition." The blobs around the words started out as circles with little asterisks or maybe flowers in them, but when I was smearing the gelato around them, they turned into blobs, probably due to the cheap cardstock they were printed on. I may go back and try to cover them or somehow fix it. Right now, I can't think of anything to do that isn't likely to make it worse. Oh well, I still like the page overall, and I'm rather proud of the girl. Faces really aren't my strong suit and I've been practicing a lot this year trying to improve. I'm especially proud of her nose. You can actually tell it's a nose! And I did it without erasing 500 times.

The background- I almost left it as it was because I liked it so much.

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I find this art journal a bit intimidating. The pages are twice the size of the journal I used last year and somehow I feel like each page has to be pretty and complete before I move on to the next page. In last year's journal, I did a lot more experimenting, mostly because I has no idea what I was doing. I intend to keep working in this journal, but I decided that I needed another outlet. So I made an art journal from scratch. It's tiny- only about 4 1/2 by 3. The cover was made from a box of those little packets of flavoring for bottled water and the pages are all from my scrapbook paper scraps.

I absolutely love this journal. I've been doodling in it and glued in some book page scraps that were too small to keep. I haven't started painting in it, but when I do, I don't plan to worry too much about messing up other pages. I just wanted a place where I could go wild. So I made me one! It doesn't really look like much and I probably put too much paper in it- I'm using a rubber band to keep it shut and I've barely started working in it, but I really just love it!


  1. Love your page!! The background is gorgeous and the girl is darling!! I too have just begun to work on faces and find them quite a challenge!! I think I have mastered the "blank stare" and the "possessed girl" any other emotion eludes me LOL. Your tiny journal is so fun, I love it too!

  2. Your mini handmade journal is lovely! So sweet. I would like to see how you fill it. I just finished doing a small one as well. See my link.