Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Journal page: Doodle

This is the second completed page in my new art journal. I really like how it turned out. Please excuse the awful picture. It's been raining forever and the light is horrid. In person, the background is much less washed out.

I did the background with an under-journaling technique that I first saw here. I changed it up a bit. I used watercolor crayons to journal, and when I was done, I went over it with a wet brush to obscure the writing and make my background. I used several different colors: pink, yellow, orange, and red. I really like under-journaling because I have a hard time writing anything that other people might see.

I found the girl in a magazine and doodled on her with a black pen and a white gel pen. The rest of the page was done with a couple of stencils and Sharpie-type markers and doodling with white gel pen.

The background before adding the doodling.


  1. Great composition! Love all the doodling around the image too!

  2. A great page. I love the black against your wonderful background.

  3. That underjournalling technique is so useful, and makes such textured & deep backgrounds. I really like the simple black & white over the top of such complexity.

  4. I was wondering what the surface was that you used the gel pen on. So I mean did you use the gel pen directly on the magazine image, or was there a layer of Mod Podge or something over the magazine image? I find that my gel pens dry out quickly, but maybe it's from using them on acrylic paint. Any tips??? Thanks.

    1. I wrote directly on the magazine image, before it was glued down. The flowers and butterflies were done with a sharpie or similar marker, and I doodled on top of that, too. Most of my gel pens are really cheap; they were something like $6.99 for a set of 40. They barely write on paper. I should just get rid of them, but I can't seem to give up hope that they will someday miraculously start writing well. The white one I used here is a Gelly Roll and it works pretty well most of the time. Sometimes it just fades into the background. I guess the only tip I have is make sure the paint is completely dry. That could be clogging up your pens. I also keep a piece of scratch paper handy and use it to get the ink flowing (by scribbling) if necessary.

  5. Thanks a lot for your quick and detailed response! Very helpful.