Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life- Weeks 1 & 2

So this year, I've decided to do Project Life. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, you can click here. There's a video that can explain it far better than I can.

Instead of buying the fancy album and sheet protectors and cards and all that, I'm using baseball card pages because I happened to have them on hand. My brother was getting rid of a stack of them a several years ago and I couldn't pass them up. I've used them for various things, but I still have more than enough for a year of Project Life. I didn't really want to spend a bunch of money on this before I knew if I'd like it or keep up with it.

My main problem has been all the free printable journaling cards I've been downloading for the past year or so are either 3x4 or 4x6 to fit the official Project Life pages. I'm sure there is a way to print them at exactly 2 1/2 x 3 1/2, but I can't seem to get them quite right. (If you can tell me how, that would be great!) They end up a bit too small. To fix that, I went through my paper scraps and cut a bunch of them to size. I just layer the journaling cards on top.

As you'll see in the pictures, I'm not sticking to any particular color theme, although I do intend to include a 2013/ week # card and a books read this week card on every page. That leaves seven spots, one for each day, although for week 2, I didn't have something for every day so a few days have two spaces. So far, I'm happy with it.

As I said, I'm using a bunch of freebies I found all over the internet. I've been saving them for a while now and I don't know where I got most of them. If you see something of yours and you want me to give you credit, I will be glad to; just let me know. I'm not trying to take credit for anyone else's work.

With all that said, here are my pages!
Week one:

Week two:

And my (as yet unfinished) title page:
(I'll probably end up putting photos where the zebra stripes are.)


  1. Hey there, congratulations on starting Project Life! I started in September last year and it's one of the best memory keeping decisions I've ever made. I only have 16 weeks but I already love looking back through them and can't imagine stopping.

    The reason you can't print the 3x4 or 4x6 cards to fit even when you shrink them down is because the proportions don't match your 2.5x3.5 card size. If you shrink 3x4 down you end up with 2.5x3.33 or 3.43x4. Similar problem for 4x6.

    If you have PhotoShop you could try creating a new file with the dimensions 2.5x3.5 then copy & pasting the 3x4 over the top and moving that layer around until you get the bits you want on the canvas. It might not work for everything but should for some.

    Hope this helps and makes sense!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying it so far! I realized about the proportions this morning when I was thinking about it again. Thanks for the help.