Thursday, January 3, 2013

Art Journal Flip Through

Today, I made a flip through video of my main art journal of 2012. I started it on 1/1/12 and the last page was finished on 12/31/12. It's only a 90 page journal (actually 89- one page fell out. Long story!), and I could have been done with it much sooner, but I have several different journals going at the same time. Sometime in November, I realized I had less than 10 pages left and decided it would be cool to end it on New Year's Eve, since I started it on New Year's Day. Some of the pages are not so great and some of them I really like.

If you have a questions about a certain page or technique, feel free to ask! It might be helpful to take note of the time it appears in the video so you don't have to try to describe which page you mean. I can post pictures of individual pages, if anyone wants to see something close up.

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