Friday, May 3, 2013

Art Journal Page

The spiral-bound sketch book I've been using for an art journal isn't really ideal, as it's paper is really thin - 50lb, but I'm a big believer in using what you already have on hand and spending your money on other things like paint or ink or whatever else. My husband can draw beautifully, he just doesn't anymore, he's lost interest in it, I guess. But several times since we've been married, he's bought a new sketch book and started a drawing or two and never finished them. So we've had several sketch books around that I can't stand to get rid of because hey! you never know when you're going to need a stack of sketch books (yes, I do have hoarder tendencies).
Anyway, that's my reasoning for using a journal that I'm not satisfied with. But this week, I did something that's made me a bit happier with it- I removed the spiral and replaced it with a couple of binder rings, so I can take a page out and work on it by itself. That really seems to work much better for me at this point.

Here are the two pages I've done this week.

This first one might not be finished, but I rather like it as it is. This is pieces of paper towels I've used to blot spray ink, cut up and glued down, with a bit of ink added here and there where it looked a little bare.

And this page celebrates my husbands first published photo. It was in a magazine put out by the organization where he works. It's read all over the country. We're all really proud of him. I wanted the photo to be the main focus of the page, so after painting bright colors on the background, I went over it with a thin layer of gesso, scraped on with a credit card. The fleur de lis were done with gelato through a stencil, and then blended with a make-up sponge while still holding the stencil down.


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